Electrical Data

Maximum Power(Pmax)315W320W325W330W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)37.02V37.09V37.16V37.22V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)8.509A8.628A8.746A8.866A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)45.24V45.32V45.4V45.48V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)9.02A9.15A9.27A9.40A
Module Efficiency(%)16.23%16.49%16.75%17.01%
Tolerance Wattage(%)0±4%
Maximum system Voltage1000V
Series Fuse Rating(A)15

Note:the specifications are obtained under the standard test condition(STC):1000w/m², solar irradiance,AM1.5,Cell temperature 25℃

Cell TypePoly156.75*156.75mm
Number of cells72(6*12)
Module Dimension1956*992*40mm
Junction Box TypeSD-901
Maximum series fuse rating15A
Cable TypeH1Z2Z2-K 1×4.0mm 2
Frame(Material Corners,etc)anodized aluminium alloy
Backing(Brand Type)TPT
Connectors TypeTT01

Working Conditions

Maximum surface load capacityTested up to 5400pa according to IEC
temperature range-40 to +85℃

25-Year linear Performance Warranty

  • 5-year linear performance warranty
  • 10-year warranty on materuals and workmanship
  • 48 hour-response service
  • EL screening to eliminate products defects
  • Fire Test covered
  • Withstand high wind loads and snow loads(5400pa)
  • Anti-reflective highly transparent,low iron temperatured glass